Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which jurisdiction I live in?

Citizens can contact the Jefferson County Emergency Services Dispatch Center at (304)-725-8484 to learn which jurisdiction they reside in or review the CTPD Jurisdiction Map found here.
What are the noise ordinances in Charles Town?

For information regarding Charles Town Noise Control Ordinance 527, please click here.
What are the fireworks ordinances for Charles Town?

For information regarding Charles Town Firework Ordinance 545.10, please click here.

Why did I get a fine for a false alarm?

Per Charles Town Municipal Ordinance 501.10, a fee will be charged for all false alarm calls if an Officer responds to an alarm and no call is placed to the Jefferson County Emergency Communications Center to cancel the call.

For further information regarding the False Alarm Ordinance and associated fee chart, please click here

How do I get a Protective Order?

Protective Orders can be obtained at Jefferson County Magistrate Court, located at 110 North George Street, Charles Town. 

For further information on Protective Orders and associated forms, please click here
How do I obtain a concealed weapons permit?

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office handles concealed weapons permits in Jefferson County.

Please click here for information on how to obtain a concealed weapons permit.