School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer program is a partnership between the Charles Town Police Department and Jefferson County Schools.  A Full-time Charles Town Police Officer is assigned to Washington High School and also provides law enforcement services to Charles Town Middle School, Wright Denny Intermediate School, and Martin Robison Delany Opportunity Learning Center. 

The primary purpose of the School Resource Program is to:

  • Perform law enforcement functions within the school setting.
  • Identify and prevent, through counseling and referral, delinquent behavior.
  • Foster a better understanding of the law enforcement function, concepts, and structure of law.
  • Develop a better appreciation of citizens’ rights, obligations, and responsibilities.
  • Provide information about crime prevention.
  • Establish a rapport with students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators; create and expand programs to increase student participation, present a positive image for students, and provide safety for students and others within Jefferson County Schools.
School Resource Programs:

The School Resource Officer is involved in a variety of programs that reach out to all grade levels.  Programs include:

  • Teen Court
  • Handle with Care
  • Life Coach Academy
  • Guest Speaking
  • Extra-curricular activities at schools to include, PTA meetings, athletic events, dances, concerts, etc.