Administrative Division

The Administrative Division consists of sworn and civilian members to include the Chief of Police, two Lieutenants, and two Administrative Assistants, which is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient administration of law enforcement activities throughout the City of Charles Town.

The Administrative Division handles budgeting and finance, grant management, procurement (purchasing) and billing, the human resource function to include payroll, fleet and facilities maintenance, policy and procedure (CALEA accreditation), planning and research, crime analysis, FOIA requests, expungements, technology, recruitment and hiring, community outreach, records storage and review, professional responsibility (internal affairs), public information, special projects, and they perform the overall executive functions to manage the department on a day to day basis. This includes directing administrative activities to accomplish the mission and goals of the department, and to ensure that department resources are used in the most efficient, effective, and transparent manner.

Additionally, the Administrative Division is responsible for coordinating the department’s efforts with our local, county, state, and national organizations to enhance the ability of the department to ensure the safety of all persons in the community. It is the goal of this department and the administration to provide a high level of customer service and to maintain a deep commitment to our community and our employees, and to the public we serve.

Records are available by phone at (304)-725-2714, and accessible to walk-in customers, 8am - 5pm (Monday-Friday).